Mediation: Been There, Understand It, Able to Guide You Through It

In addition to my work as a lawyer, I am also a trained mediator who mediates disputes both privately and upon assignment by several courts in the Bay Area. As a mediator, I facilitate an agreement between two parties, giving each a voice and significant role in crafting a mutually agreeable solution.

I also help parties evaluate the relative strengths of their cases, helping them see how the courts might view matters if they were to proceed to trial. My insight often helps parties reach agreement because they see who would likely prevail given the facts of the case.

I ask that the parties commit to spending at least one day in mediation with me. I find that it takes time and effort to accomplish resolution, but that the result is well worth it.

Please call me at 510-452-4400 or complete my online contact form to schedule a confidential consultation about my work as a mediator and what I can do for you. My law practice is located in Berkeley and represents clients throughout the East Bay and Northern California.