Business Formation: Using Experience To Create A Great Start

I am attorney Edward L. Blum, and I have been a litigator for more than 45 years. For much of that time, I focused on business litigation, resolving problems faced by a full range of California businesses. I saw nearly every imaginable problem a business could face, and I saw the best-laid plans fail. I also learned something: I learned how to help businesses avoid pitfalls while increasing the chance of success.

At my Berkeley law practice, this is what I now do. I guide business leaders through business formation and other related transactions so as to minimize the risk of litigation while maximizing the potential for success.

Forming and counseling corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships is a major component of my practice. These business entities and plans can be routine or creative, depending upon the needs of the client. I tailor the representation I provide to meet my clients' unique needs.

Counsel To Reduce Conflict

Often, clients team up with others when forming their business, which opens up the potential for interpersonal conflict — something I see too often in my litigation practice. These conflicts range from control issues to compensation concerns. Drawing on my experience helps me to avoid the potential for conflict that invariably arises after the honeymoon is over in any relationship.

For this reason, I like to focus on smaller companies, where the need for my counsel is better understood. Once a business increases in size, involving more than five or six co-owners, the business takes on a life of its own and is less amenable to the kinds of control mechanisms that I like to put in place.

However, I have the capacity to help people create a wide range of businesses, from small- to mid-sized, including those local to Berkeley, as well as seeking to form businesses throughout the East Bay and elsewhere in Northern California.

Contact A Lawyer; Start Your Business

Get help starting your business. For a confidential consultation at my Berkeley law office, please call me at 510-452-4400. You may also complete my online contact form.